kids cooking with whis-kid guidebook

Kids Learn to Cook with the Whis-Kid Guidebook

If you have kids who have a passion for cooking then let me introduce you to the Whis-Kid Guidebook by Erin Chase, founder of Your kids will build confidence and creativity in the kitchen while cooking alongside you.

For more ideas about summer experiences you can do while learning at home with your kids, visit the main page, Charter a Summer of Learning.

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Kids Cooking Alongside You

Tyler ErinWhen COVID caused school cancellations across our country, it left millions of parents in a panic on how to creatively keep our kids busy. For Erin Chase, a busy mom of four boys, it was an opportunity to incorporate her kids into her life of work.

If you’re already familiar with Erin, then you know it’s likely you’ll see a kid or two pop in front of the camera during one of her live cooking shows or on her blog. This time however, Erin’s boys jumped into her latest project and helped her teach kids how to cook all while learning a thing or two themselves.

Charlie ErinLearning to Cook with the Whis-Kid Guidebook

The goal? To whisk up confidence and creativity in the kitchen. And your kiddo will soon be a whiz in the kitchen—or, as Erin likes to call them, Whis-Kid.

The Whis-Kid Guidebook offers 21 “cook alongside us” lessons and videos for young chefs of all ages. The curriculum is designed to instill good cooking habits and cultivate valuable life skills in the kitchen. The printed book comes with a printed certificate, as well as sticker sheet to help track your progress through the lessons.

A coupon code is available: Use code WHISKID for discount and you can order your copy today!

Recipes for Kid-Friendly Snacks

Ryan ErinIf you’re not quite ready to purchase a guidebook, here are some kid-friendly snacks you can find over at Erin’s blog:

7 Easy Snacks for Family Movie Night (Need movie ideas? Look at our film studies activity.)

Make Ahead Smoothie Packs

Raspberry & Chocolate Chip Quesadillas

S’mores Dip (This recipe used a slow cooker; we also have an activity that uses a solar oven.)

Charter Moms Chats

Watch Inga Cotton’s interview with Erin Chase about the Whis-Kid Guidebook on Charter Moms Chats.

For more ideas about summer experiences you can do while learning at home with your kids, visit the main page, Charter a Summer of Learning.

About Erin Chase

Austin ErinErin Chase is a local food blogger who resides in San Antonio. Her mission to help families spend less money on groceries has shared thousands of budget friendly recipes over the years and has created hundreds of meal plans to help others stay focused and confident in getting dinner on the table.

Erin’s husband, Steve, is an expert in Quickbooks and Microsoft Office, and he contributed a post about how to play Excel chess online.


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