How to Find the Best Schools in San Antonio

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You want your children to have a bright future, and that means finding schools where your children will learn, be challenged, feel safe, have a sense of belonging, and thrive. How do you find the best schools in San Antonio for your children? It’s a different world now than when we grew up, when most students went to their neighborhood public school or, if their family could afford it, to a private school. 

Now, there are over a hundred public schools of choice in San Antonio that your children can attend regardless of neighborhood or zip code. What tools are available to help you decide among those schools? We have put together a guide to school research tools, including tools created by SA Charter Moms as well as other local, regional, and national school information sources. We hope these tools help your family find schools where you feel confident that your children are in the right place to grow and become the amazing people they are meant to be.

San Antonio Charter Moms School Research Tools

San Antonio Charter Moms is a nonprofit organization founded by moms (but we welcome dads, abuelos, uncles, and guardians, too) to provide families with fair information about education. Our team works to help families with school research via our website, our mobile app, our online community, and events.

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Guide to Charter Schools in San Antonio

The SA Charter Moms Guide to Charter Schools in San Antonio is an alphabetical list of the schools of choice in the San Antonio area. All of these schools are tuition free and are open to students living anywhere in the metro area. Most of the schools are open enrollment public charter schools, while some are in-district charter schools. At last count, the guide includes 125 schools.

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San Antonio Charter Schools App

The San Antonio Charter Schools App is a free mobile app that helps you narrow down the list of schools of choice to a few favorites so you can take action and apply. The Guide gets a lot of visitors, but we started getting feedback that the number and variety of schools was becoming overwhelming. Once you download the app, it finds your location and shows you which schools are closest to you. The filters help you narrow down the list: see only the schools that offer the grade levels you need (e.g., kindergarten) or focus on high quality schools (e.g., letter grade ratings on school report cards, or academic distinctions). Each school profile has a summary of the school culture and a link so you can apply to the school right away.

San Antonio Charter Moms Discussion Group

The San Antonio Charter Moms discussion group on Facebook is an online community where parents and caregivers can ask questions about schools. We welcome questions about all types of education, including charter schools, private schools, homeschooling, magnet schools, and traditional public schools. The discussion expands into broader topics like special education services, after-school programs, summer camps, museums, festivals, enrichment activities, transportation, parenting, and children’s health. Most of the conversation has been in English, but we welcome posts and comments in Spanish, too.

Our team works hard to keep the conversation civil: members are encouraged to share their own experiences, but not to criticize or harass other members who post or comment. We talk about advocacy—how to speak up as a parent to make our education system better—but we don’t get into political debates or endorse candidates.

The discussion group is our liveliest forum, but San Antonio Charter Moms is also on social media at our public Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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School Discovery Events

Before the pandemic, during enrollment season—roughly October through April—the SA Charter Moms team would organize events around town that we call School Discovery Day or School Discovery Night. At each event, we have a table set up with staff members who can answer your questions about school research and show you how to download and use the app. We also invite a group of nearby schools of choice to set up tables and meet with parents. Often our Founder and Executive Director, Inga Cotton, will give a presentation about what different types of schools are available and an overview of the application process. Sometimes we have raffles with fun giveaways.

Until we are able to meet in person again, the best way to hear from schools is via Charter Moms Chats—live videos that Inga shares on weekdays at 4 PM Central on Facebook and YouTube. When we do resume in-person events like School Discovery Days and School Discovery Nights, the best way to stay informed is to subscribe to our weekly email newsletter; also, look at our Eventbrite page and Facebook events.

More School Research Tools

In addition to the tools we have created at SA Charter Moms, there are more websites and apps that have useful information for your school search.

In addition to these education-focused sites, you can find user reviews on many social media platforms, including Facebook, Google, and Yelp. 

This is a lot of information to take in. If it starts to feel overwhelming, we recommend that you download our app to narrow down your list. Also, join the conversation at San Antonio Charter Moms discussion group to ask questions in a caring and welcoming environment. All of us parents and caregivers are doing our best to get our kids a good education and help them have bright futures filled with exciting choices. If we work as a team and treat each other with kindness and understanding, the school search process will be so much more successful and fulfilling. 

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