How to tell if your kids are bored at school

T-shirt dog homeworkA friend of mine is excited about BASIS coming to San Antonio because it offers an accelerated curriculum. Her son is in fourth grade and he’s already bored. How can she tell? Just look at the T-shirts he picks out.

One day, he said to her, “Mom, school is so boring. I feel that you only send me there to be babysat so you can have some time alone.”

When I was in the fourth grade, I got in trouble for making dozens of miniature origami cranes inside the cubby of my lift-top desk. So, yes, I can make origami cranes while blindfolded. My special talent.

No kid should feel like they are stuck in school just wasting time. Part of the beauty of charter schools is that they can offer customization for families that want a unique curriculum, or give kids who are gifted or “different” a refuge from bullying and social pressure.

So, how did you figure out that YOUR kids were bored at school?

What did you do about it? Switch to private school, charter school, or homeschool?

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