SA Ready editorial: data on lack of college readiness in San Antonio

An earlier post discussed the launch of SA Ready, a program to provide materials to improve college and career readiness of high school graduates. A recent editorial in the Express-News sharpens the argument:

It is estimated that on average only 83 out of every 100 San Antonio ninth-graders will make it across the high school graduation stage. Data compiled by Generation TX San Antonio indicates only 47 of those 83 graduates will enroll in a certificate or degree program. Only 18 of them will earn a certificate or degree within six years of high school graduation. . . .

Large numbers of students are finding themselves in remedial courses, dropping out and failing to achieve their academic goals. That is simply unacceptable and the public education system must work to fix those deficiencies.

“Level the public education playing field”, San Antonio Express-News, October 22, 2012.

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