Guide to Charter Schools in San Antonio


Guide to Charter Schools in San Antonio

An alphabetical list of public charter schools, including open enrollment public chartetrr schools and in-district charter schools, in San Antonio and surrounding areas. 

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For more information, visit School Search at Families Empowered or Find a Charter School at the Texas Charter Schools Association.

“CtS” designates a Choose to Succeed partner school.

Anne Frank Inspire Academy: 11216 Bandera Rd., San Antonio, TX 78249; 210-638-5900; grades K–12 (Braination, formerly John H. Wood Jr. Public Charter District)

BASIS San Antonio (CtS) (BASIS.ed)

Bexar County Academy: 1485 Hillcrest Dr., San Antonio, TX 78228; 210-432-8600; grades PK–8

Brooks Academy of Science and Engineering (Somerset Academy Schools)

Compass Rose Academy: 8005 Outer Circle Rd., San Antonio, TX 78235; 210-540-9265; grades 6–8 in 2018–19, expanding to 6–12

Eleanor Kolitz Hebrew Language Academy (EKHLA): 12500 NW Military Hwy., San Antonio, TX 78231; 210-302-6900; grades K–8

Foundation School for Autism: 2235 Thousand Oaks Dr., Ste. 130, San Antonio, TX 78217; 210-402-0253; grades PK–1 (ResponsiveEd)

Founders Classical Academy of Schertz: 8453 E. FM 1518 North, Schertz, TX 78154; 210-510-2618; grades K–9 in 2018–19, expanding to K–12 (ResponsiveEd)

George Gervin Academy: 6944 S. Sunbelt Dr., San Antonio, TX 78218; 210-568-8800; grades PK–12

Great Hearts Texas (CtS) (Great Hearts America)

Harmony Public Schools

Henry Ford Academy: Alameda School for Art + Design: 318 W. Houston St., San Antonio, TX 78205; 210-226-4031; grades 9–12 (Henry Ford Learning Institute)

Heritage Academy of San Antonio: 8750 Fourwinds Dr., Windcrest, TX 78239; 210-354-7753; grades PK–8 (ResponsiveEd)

IDEA Public Schools (CtS)

  • IDEA Brackenridge: 5555 Old Pearsall Rd., San Antonio, TX 78242; 210-239-4300; grades PK–2 & 6–7 in 2018–19, expanding to K–12
  • IDEA Carver: 217 Robinson Pl., San Antonio, TX 78202; 210-223-8885; grades K–12
  • IDEA Eastside: 2519 Martin Luther King Dr., San Antonio, TX 78220; 210-239-4800; grades K–9 in 2018–19, expanding to K–12
  • IDEA Ewing Halsell: 2523 W. Ansley Blvd., San Antonio, TX 78224; 210-239-4850; grades PK–2 & 6–7 in 2018–19, expanding to PK–12
  • IDEA Harvey E. Najim: 926 S. WW White Rd., San Antonio, TX 78220; 210-239-4900; grades PK–2 & 6–7 in 2018–19, expanding to PK–12
  • IDEA Ingram Hills: 3115 Majestic Dr., San Antonio, TX 78228; 210-529-3700; grades PK–1 & 6 in 2018–19, expanding to PK–12
  • IDEA Judson: 13427 Judson Rd., San Antonio, TX 78233; 210-529-3600; grades K–4 & 6–8 in 2018–19, expanding to K–12
  • IDEA Mays: 1210 Horal Dr., San Antonio, TX 78245; 210-529-3200; grades K–4 & 6–8 in 2018–19, expanding to K–12
  • IDEA Monterrey Park: 222 SW 39th St., San Antonio, TX 78237; 210-239-4200; grades K–10 in 2018–19, expanding to K–12
  • IDEA South Flores: 6919 S. Flores St., San Antonio, TX 78221; 210-239-4150; grades PK–11 in 2018–19, expanding to PK–12
  • IDEA Walzem: 6130 Walzem Rd., San Antonio, TX 78239; 210-239-4600; grades K–10 in 2018–19, expanding to K–12

Jubilee Academies

KIPP Texas—San Antonio (CtS)

Lighthouse Charter School: 8138 Westshire, San Antonio, TX 78227; 210-236-7693; grades PK–8

New Frontiers Public Schools

Por Vida Academy Charter High School: 1135 Mission Rd., San Antonio, Texas 78210; 210-775-1132; grades 9–12 (PVA Charter District)

Positive Solutions High School: 1325 N. Flores St., Ste. 100, San Antonio, TX 78212; 210-299-1025; grades 9–12

Premier High School (ReponsiveEd)

Promesa Academy Charter School: location to be announced; grades K–1 in 2019–20, expanding to K–5

San Antonio Can High School: 1807 Centennial Blvd., San Antonio, TX 78211; 210-923-1226; grades 9–12 (Texans Can)

San Antonio ISD Choice Schools & Programs

School of Excellence in Education

  • Kelley Elementary: 802 Oblate Dr., San Antonio, TX 78216; 210-431-9881, ext. 3700; grades PK–6
  • Lee Academy: 1826 Basse Rd., San Antonio, TX 78213; 210-431-9881; grades 9–12
  • Saenz Junior High: 1826 Basse Rd., San Antonio, X 78213; 210-431-9881; grades 7–8
  • Walker Elementary: 500 I-35 N., San Antonio, TX 78218; 210-654-4411; grades PK–6

School of Science and Technology

Southwest ISD Choice Schools

  • CAST STEM High School: 4495 SW Verano Pkwy., Von Ormy, TX 78073; 210-623-6539; grade 9 in 2018–19, expanding to 9–12

Southwest Preparatory School

  • Southwest Preparatory School Northeast & New Directions: 1258 Austin Hwy., San Antonio, TX 78209; 210-829-8017; grades PK–12
  • Southwest Preparatory School Northwest: 6535 Culebra Rd., San Antonio, TX 78220; 210-432-2634; grades 7–12
  • Southwest Preparatory School Northwest Elementary: 4151 Culebra Rd., San Antonio, TX 78228; 210-819-7860; grades PK–6
  • Southwest Preparatory School Seguin Elementary: 2400 E. Walnut, Seguin, TX 78155; 830-549-5930; grades PK–5
  • Southwest Preparatory School Southeast: 735 S. WW White Rd., San Antonio, TX 78220; 210-333-1403; grades PK–12

I hope this guide to charter schools in San Antonio helps you find the right schools for your children.

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  1. I am a teacher at Premier High School. We have moved: 8220 Windsor Cross, San Antonio, TX 78239. New phone: 210-650-0944. Please update. Thanks!

  2. Hello,
    I’m Teresa new to the San Antonio Texas area from North Carolina and Ohio, I have a 6 year old son names Dustan and I’m looking for the best school that fits him, I had some questions pertaining bus routes if any, we live near the medical army post center area, hours child attends school how the schedule usually works, the breaks the child has attending the school, I would like more information on what your school offers that a public or any other school doesn’t ,please contact me if possible if u can help in anyway find the best charter school in my area thank you!

  3. How would I find an updated list of charter schools in San Antonio? And are there any others planning on opening up next fall?

    • For Stone Oak families, Great Hearts Northern Oaks, BASIS, and EKHLA are within range. Keep your ears open for more charter school options outside Loop 1604 that may be in the works.

  4. What charter school would you recommend for special needs children with ADHD and high functioning Autism, special needs?

  5. Are you a member of Facebook? The discussion group is a great place to ask questions like that:
    My son is on the autism spectrum and is doing well at Great Hearts. Going on school tours and meeting with the special education coordinator at each school is a good way to do research and reach a comfort level with the idea of sending your child to a different school.

  6. I can’t seem to find any schools in the SA area that focus on music and/or the arts. Thinking of moving to SA but my daughter is a musician and currently enrolled at a specialized music programming school and looking for something comparable. She’s in middle school. Do you know of anything like this? Her current school incorporates the arts into every subject matter, and she is an honors student.

  7. Hi, I am a teacher certified in the state of OK, and I am moving to San Antonio. I have taught in Texas prior to now, but let my certificate expire. So I can no longer teach in public schools without proving 150 hours of professional development, which is required to reinstate my certificate. Before I take the time to apply for other types of schools, can you tell me if there are charter schools that do not specifically require a Texas certificate, but would allow me to teach with the one I have from OK? I would really appreciate any information you could give me!

    Sherry Maddux

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